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Author Christine Schloder has been very successful in helping to change the lives of thousands of people with her unique programs. She incorporates her talents of juggling and ventriloquism during her presentation to help give people the knowledge and educate they can use to take control of their lives & or illness.



 Christine is available for, speaking engagements, Seminars, Conferences, Book signings,and works as a Consultant.

 Christine has been putting together self-help programs since 1995.

Are you looking to improve or change your self-help programs?

Do you need help or want some new ideas for your Self-help programs at your Hospital groups, workshops, drop-in center, partial programs & or School? Christine can help your origination put together new group programs & or workshops.


Workshop Two hour + program

A. Juggling Your Bipolar Life Recovery Presentation

      Step- by-step instructions on how to use & make your own symptom chart booklet.


One hour programs/ workshops

B. Juggling Your Bipolar Life Recovery Presentation speech


C. Learn how to change the way you think about things.

              Thinking positive & building Self-Esteem.


D. Staying on the road to recovery.


E. Living with Bipolar Disorder.


F. Staying alive by making a suicide prevention plan


G. 45 minute Juggling Show


Juggling Comedy Show
( Fun Juggling Show with a Special Message

(All Ages)

Teen Dating Danger Program 

(Teenager )

What About Self-Esteem Program

(Age 4-12)

Juggling Your Bipolar Life Program 


Juggling Your Bipolar Life Recovery Presentation Edit Text

         Finding the correct treatment, choosing the right thoughts, and having a positive attitude can make the biggest difference in a consumer’s recovery. This program can give consumers the necessary tools to create a happier, healthier life.

            Having found out I have Bipolar Disorder I set out to try to find new ways of treating & dealing with Bipolar Disorder. The first step was accepting that I had bipolar illness. The second was I had to want the help. Finally, I needed to be willing to make the nesesary changes required to better my life. I spent the past five years working on new research to help me stay on the recovery road. I would like to use my research to show that with the right treatment people with this disorder can live predictive lives plus offer a great deal to our society.  Through my program and book consumers can become familiar with my groundbreaking symptom-charting system that I developed.  Juggling Your Bipolar Life program focuses on helping consumers to better communicate their symptoms to their doctor to give him or her a clearer understanding of there needs. Plus learn to gain control of the ups and downs, thus making the manic and depressed episodes less frequent and severe I put this information into one small book titled “Juggling Your Bipolar Life ‘ for easier reading, and so consumers and there families can have a hand-held guide to balancing a bipolar life. Edit Text

Self- Help Educational Prevention-Ed Programs

Providing self-help educational services since 1995


The SHEP Programs were developed by Christine schloder Stefano Abrahamson, who has experience as a domestic-violence counselor, child advocate, sexual-assault counselor, and prevention-ed coordinator. Christine wrote and presented many of her programs in schools throughout the USA. She also starred in a children’s video called “What About Self-Esteem and Setting Goals?” She is the Author of Juggling your bipolar life book, Christine has been a professional juggler, puppeteer, and ventriloquist since 1982.


  What About Self-Esteem
 Setting Goals


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