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Motivational Speaker Services

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Motivational Speaker Services
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Christine Schloder

     Motivational Speaker & Author

Christine is available for, speaking engagements, Seminars, Conferences, Book signings, and Consultant work as well.


Christine's programs are received well by Consumers, Peer specialists, Case Manager, Family members, TSS workers, and other Mental Health Workers.

            Author Christine Schloder has been very successful in helping to change the lives of thousands of people with her unique programs.  Her programs provide knowledge and empowerment to fellow consumers and providers. Christine published her book in February, 2006 titled Juggling your Bipolar Life

            Her book has sold more than 10,000 copies since its release and has been utilized to promote wellness and recovery to consumers and providers.

In addition to being an author, Christine is also a motivational speaker, Certified Peer Support Specialist, a Juggler, Ventriloquist, Puppeteer and Self-Help Program Writer.

            Being diagnosed with  Bipolar Disorder herself, she incorporates her years of experience and talents into her presentation. One is teaching that recovery is possible! Her story of recovery is an amazing one and it is a story that is still being written.

Whether you are a provider, or a person with a diagnosis of mental illness, or a friend or family member, this presentation will have you thinking about all the positive possibilities that can help move recovery forward.  She emphasizes that recovery is remembering who you are and using your strengths to become all you were meant to be.  She utilizes everyday as an opportunity to make changes to better her life.


Learn how Christine got her life back as she found ways to get some control back in her life. She will talk about the most current treatment methods to gain control of the ups and downs thus making the manic and depressed episode less frequent and severe.  With this new information you can use this to help someone or a person could use it to take control of their lives & or illness.


Christine will take a look at both sides of an illness from the provider side to the consumer side.

How can you help someone stay on the road of recovery? She will talk about changes and choices, working together, eliminating stigma, and building a support system for all involved. Working as a team will help make the mental health system a consumer friendly one.

            Make thinking positive a habit of yours and it will add extraordinary power to fighting your illness and looking ahead and seeing your self become the person you truly want to become.



Work Shops

A. Juggling Your Bipolar Life Recovery Presentation

Step- by-step instructions on how to use & make your own symptom chart booklet.


B. Juggling Your Bipolar Life Recovery Presentation speech


C. Learn how to change the way you think about things.

              Thinking positive & building Self-Esteem.


D. Peer support & Staying on the road to recovery.


E. Living with Bipolar Disorder.


F. Staying alive by making a suicide prevention plan


G Getting along in the work place


H. Stopping the Bully!

Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Conferences, Book Signings & Juggling Shows, Consultant work

Consultant work,

Christine has been putting together self-help programs since 1995.Are you looking to improve or change your self-help programs? Do you need help or want some new ideas for your Self-help programs at your Hospital groups, workshops, drop-in center, partial programs & or School? Christine can help your origination put together new group programs & or workshops.

Contact info

Christine Schloder

Phone 1-814-594-2599\


Payment instruction: one half of the payment is required up front the rest of the payment will be required right after Christine’s last Presentation


If Applicable: Lodging and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the organization booking Christine.


Hotel information: must be sent to Christine along with detail direction:


When Advertising: your event please refer to Christine as, Christine Schloder






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