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I was told I Failed  then told the test was inconclusive


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What happen at the polygraph test?


In the very beginning, I was read my Miranda Rights, even though he assured me I was not being arrested.  He also stressed that I was able to leave at any time if I wanted.

The officer talked with me for over an hour like he was my best friend.  We talked casually about my life, my work, and so on.  He even casually spoke with me about what I thought had happened that night and who I thought may have done it. It felt very relaxing and casual.

He began the questioning for the test, and he had kept the tone much as ease. I felt good about it.  He was polite and kind and I felt good about how things were going. The test consists of 3 parts.  The same questions asked each time, just in a different order or with different wording. He even told me I was doing well after the first part.  I had no doubts that I had passed it. After all, I was telling the truth and had nothing to hide.

In the end, this all didn’t seem to matter.  He had asked me to leave the room while he reviewed the results.  In about 5 minutes, he asked me to returned to the room

Then he told me that I had failed the test.

I said that is impossible!!

The tone of things changed about this point.  His demeanor had changed

I went through hell and back!!!

The officer began to play head games with me and started making accusations of presumptions about the situations.

He said “you didn’t really think you were going to pass it did you???”!!!

I said yes because I did not do it!!

The guy told me that I was not telling the truth.

He said I either burned the shed myself or I was coaxed by someone to manipulate the test.

 He said the test showed that I made movements during the 2nd and third test.

 IF I DID move, I DID NOT know it! And I said I did not move.!!(That is the truth)


Then, he tells me the test was inconclusive (not that I failed, but inconclusive), because on the 2ed test I moved my finger before a question. And now the test is no good. He said he has to throw the results out.  This is when I felt like I was being attacked.  Telling me at first that I failed the test almost like he thought then I would make some sort of confession.  Then changing the results to inconclusive.  So which is it?


I asked if there was a camera in this room because I wanted to see where I moved.

He insisted it would not show up on a camera anyway, but never offered to let me see for myself.

Then, he tried to be all comforting, saying that he believed I did not start the shed fire, but he did continue to insist I must have been coaxed or drilled on how my responses should be.  He insisted that I was told do to what ever it was that I did during the test. He persisted to try to get me to confess that I was coaxed on how to pass the test and wanted to know who I had spoken to or gotten information from.

Then he said he believed I was telling the truth but he though I was so scared and did not trust the test, that I got help to make sure I passed it.


I did not budge.  I did not get any help, and was not going to elude in any way or say that I did.  I did not need help.  I didn’t burn my shed down.  I didn’t start the fire, and I didn’t seek advice on how to take the test. WHY would I do this to my self? I have a lot to lose.

I love the fire Dept. and I do not want to get kicked out.

The officer then proceeded to talk about how bipolar people sometimes just do things for attention.  He accused me of lighting the fire to get the attention of the police. Then he told me a story about a bipolar women, who started her house on fire to get her husband to come back to her.

I felt pretty stigmatized by that point.  My illness should not play any part in this.  I could see the words discrimination flashing in my head.  I should not be accused of things because of traits that other people have.  I am an individual and should not be categorized by my illness.  My illness does not define me, nor should I be judged by how a text book defines what manner SOME Bipolar people behave in. He spoke at length about what his perception of Bipolar was, and because of those perception, I must have done it.

I got up to leave and he stood at the door with his hand on the doorknob.

I continued to insist that I did not do it.  He continued to insist that I did do it, even as we stood at the door. I asked him what he wanted from me,  to say I burned my own shed!!

Before I could finish, he saidNow doesn’t that feel good to get that out ?” 

I was thinking this guy is crazy

I said “no, because I did not burn my shed down!!!!  I have nothing to gain from it.

He again said I was coaxed on to how to do the test. I said I was not!!

He said the test showed I was not there when the shed was set on fire, but by the question (were you there when the shed  was lit on fire) something looked funny but he was not sure what was wrong.  He said the movement I unknowingly made looked to be convenient timing.

Then, still standing at the door trying to leave, as he held the door with his hand, he began suggesting scenerios.  “maybe it was an accident, suggesting that maybe I went to cut the grass, and perhaps the lawn mower back fired or put a spark out and caught the shed on fire.”

Or, “perhaps you are afraid to tell the truth.”

“Maybe you had a cigarette and dropped it in the shed when you went to mow the grass or a spark caught a rag on fire.”  Although, I proceeded to explain that  the fire started out side of the shed, as per the verbal discussion I had with the PSP. Sarcastically, I responded,  “yeah right!! ! I always light a cigarette at 11pm or 12am at night and go out to my shed to get my mower to CUT MY GRASS!!! At 11 or 12 at night!!! “

I repeated “I said I did not do it!!!!”

He told me he would talk to Trooper Agusty and then the trooper would get back to me.

He asked me to do a test later I said I would, and I left.

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