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Antipolygraph help stop the use of polygraphs

I almost killed myself over an inconclusive polygraph test

I was lucky to have some good friends that got me through this bad time. NOW I am going to fight to STOP the use of the polygraph test!!! it is just a way to interrogat someone it is a joke!!!

Think about this (DNA) when it first was used it was met with controversy. As time went on it became a proven sciences and we allowed it to continue and it was accepted in a court of law. The polygraph test however has been around a-lot longer and is still full of controversy plus it is not inadmissible in a court of law but yet it is still used today.  I ask WHY???

To up date you on the rest of the story


For weeks now I have lived in fear some one was doing things to my house leaving a note saying DIE BITCH. Burned a carpet outside my door. Broke in my house got in my office next to my house and messed it up! And it was all taken with a grain of salt by PSP. The police never look at any of the leads. Next my shed is set on fire. If PSP would have been doing their job my shed may have never burned down


The night my shed was set on fire I saw someone in my back yard about 10 pm. I called the State police, I asked for them to come down with a marked car hoping to scare off whom ever was around.

Then about 30 mints later the Trooper arrived with an un marked car. We talked about what happen and he went home. And about an hour later my shed was set on fire. If the police would have did their job that night maybe my shed would not of been set on fire.



This is my Statement from June 29th 2007

9:55 pm come up from bed room was going to make some popcorn my dog was barking and ran to the end of his leash barking. I flipped the back spot light on ran out the door and saw someone running out of my back yard by my shad the person was in all black looked to be tall and had white on the shoes.

I ran back in and got Robby he came out and went in his truck down the road to see if he could find anyone.  I stayed in doorway watching the yard.

 When He came back I called the State police, I asked for them to come down with a marked car hoping to scar off who ever was around.

I then sat at the window looking out in my yard and waiting for the police I was very scared my hart was pounding so hard I felt so unsafe this is my home and I cannot even feel safe here!!! Robby was calm and tried to keep me calm.

I got dressed and I got a beer and drank it as I watch out the back window.

Then about 30 mints later the trooper arrived with an unmarked car

We talked about what happen and he went home.

            Then when he left at? I turned all the light on in the yard I walked out to my pond turned on the lights out there I looked around to see if anyone was around.  I tied my  dog back up then checked to see if all doors were locked then locked the kitchen doors. 

Robby went down to bed. I keep looking out the window for a few mints and then went down to bed. I was lying in bed and could not sleep I felt scared.

I do not know what time it was but I saw a light come on out side my window

I was not sure if it was the neighbors or if it was my motion light so I ran upstairs to the kitchen window and peeked out the window and I saw a big white cat.

I then went to go back to bed when I heard a big bag out back. I look out side but saw nothing and then heard a noise like something falling I grab my close that were on the bar char by the door and put on my shirt I ran down to Robby and said I heard a noise out back he told me to go back to bed it was nothing I was being paranoid.  I sad no I am not paranoid I heard something as I ran back up the steps I looked out the window and saw a glow on the back side of the shade I put my shorts on yelled at Robby to get up here now!!! And I ran out the door and I could see fire and smoke coming from the back corner of the shed at the time I was not sure if it was the shed or the woodpile. Robby said should I call the fire dept. I said yes and then I said get my keys I need to get my rider out of there. I got my garden hose and ran to the shed as I got to it the flames were rolling around from the side of the shed I tired to open the door to get my rider out but I saw the fire was in the shed as well so I close the door I back off and started putting water on the back of the shed my neighbor Branded came running over and I said it arson I have to save the back of the shed! He said he heard a big bag and he came out to see what it was. He asks me if he should get his hose I said yes and just try to save the back of the shed.  The fire Dept. got there I took some pitcher and then I went in my house and began to cry I called my family to tell them what had happen, I was so upset and sick.



Then out of the blue State Trooper Agusty asked me to take a polygraph test at first I say yes and you can have my fingerprints too. I just want to get down to whom is doing this to me.  




A flash  back from the 80s a polygraph test gone wrong

The problem with this was I had really bad memories that came back from a polygraph test I took back in the 1980s that I berried so deep I never wanted to remember it every again, when I was about 16 I was rape by a older man who worked at the ford garage in St. Mary’s PA That was bad enough as it was! Then I find out he was friends with the Detective State Trooper XXXXXX out of Ridgway PA Base State Police who was investigating the case.

When Police came to the hospital to talk to me. I did not want to tell who raped me because he said he would kill my friend and me if I told. The police pushed me till I told who raped me and when I did tell the trooper. He said Oh Mark I know him he works on my car! He was friends with Marks the guy who raped me. The State Trooper then told me as he held up one finger and made a whole with the other hand if you have a whole here and stick here and the whole keeps moving the stick can not go in the whole now can it? I was just in shock. The State police treated me like a criminal I was interrogated like I did something wrong. I took their polygraph test and most of the questions were not even about the rape and they said it was inconclusive.  Mark later was put in jail for rapping someone else. And other girls came foreword to say he had rapped them as well. If the police would have did their job the other girl would have never been raped by mark.

My thoughts

My life was just getting back on the right track, I am making some money, I am selling my Books I am doing talks all over about Bipolar and self-esteem, I have a good job lined up. I just wonder what are the police thinking?? I am willing to help out in any way I can to get this resolved, however I feel PSP are putting way to much attention on me and not enough on looking for who is really doing this?  The more I think about it the madder I get when I think that I am their #1 suspect

Why would I do this to myself?

ONE I love the fire DEPT, 

I have run with two Fire Dept. now for over six years.

The fire DEPT. is my life.

If I started the fire why would I ask for an investigation?

June 14th 2007 was the night someone started my Rug on fire in front of my door. I asked for the Police to help. I was the one who told Robby to call John the chief at elk co.5 fire Dept. and have him send the fire marshal up. When John and The Fire Marshal left the seine it was cut and dry it was just an accidental.

  However Robby and I said we felt it was arson.

It was said that I cooked on my gas grill earlier that night and I must of got some grease on the rug and later it started on fire.

 Now after the shed fire the PSP were thinking about changing their finding to arson. I had nothing to gain no money all I got out of it was stress and a mess to clean up.  If I new the PSP were going to take it with a grain of salt and look at it as if I did it. Then I would of never called them. I feel it is all because I have Bipolar Disorder and it is a small case and the police just want to get it out of the way and over with. I just feel so angry and helpless and afraid I don’t even want to stay at my home because I am afraid someone will start the house on fire and I will be in it. I sleep with a shotgun and I jump to every small noise.

I did all I could to stop the persons from doing things to my home. I talk to my neighbors and had then keep and eye out. I put cameras up all over my yard and added more motion detectors lights to my yard. I put in alarms in my home and office. Got new locks.

      Why would I call police and call attention to myself that would be dumb?? Why would I save everything from the rug fire if I did it?

     Why would I try to save the back of the shed where I first saw flames knowing that evidenced could be there to show who started the fire or how it started???

July 27th 2007 polygraph test

What happen at the polygraph test?


In the very beginning, I was read my Miranda Rights, even though he assured me I was not being arrested.  He also stressed that I was able to leave at any time if I wanted.

The officer talked with me for over an hour like he was my best friend.  We talked casually about my life, my work, and so on.  He even casually spoke with me about what I thought had happened that night and who I thought may have done it. It felt very relaxing and casual.

He began the questioning for the test, and he had kept the tone much as ease. I felt good about it.  He was polite and kind and I felt good about how things were going. The test consists of 3 parts.  The same questions asked each time, just in a different order or with different wording. He even told me I was doing well after the first part.  I had no doubts that I had passed it. After all, I was telling the truth and had nothing to hide.

In the end, this all didn’t seem to matter.  He had asked me to leave the room while he reviewed the results.  In about 5 minutes, he asked me to returned to the room

Then he told me that I had failed the test.

I said that is impossible!!

The tone of things changed about this point.  His demeanor had changed

I went through hell and back!!!

The officer began to play head games with me and started making accusations of presumptions about the situations.

He said “you didn’t really think you were going to pass it did you???”!!!

I said yes because I did not do it!!

The guy told me that I was not telling the truth.

He said I either burned the shed myself or I was coaxed by someone to manipulate the test.

 He said the test showed that I made movements during the 2nd and third test.

 IF I DID move, I DID NOT know it! And I said I did not move.!!(That is the truth)


Then, he tells me the test was inconclusive (not that I failed, but inconclusive), because on the 2ed test I moved my finger before a question. And now the test is no good. He said he has to throw the results out. 

This is when I felt like I was being attacked.  Telling me at first that I failed the test almost like he thought then I would make some sort of confession.  Then changing the results to inconclusive. 

So which is it? So can the police lie?


I asked if there was a camera in this room because I wanted to see where I moved. He insisted it would not show up on a camera anyway, but never offered to let me see for myself.

Then, he tried to be all comforting, saying that he believed I did not start the shed fire, but he did continue to insist I must have been coaxed or drilled on how my responses should be.  He insisted that I was told do to what ever it was that I did during the test. He persisted to try to get me to confess that I was coaxed on how to pass the test and wanted to know who I had spoken to or gotten information from.

Then he said he believed I was telling the truth but he though I was so scared and did not trust the test, that I got help to make sure I passed it.


I did not budge.  I did not get any help, and was not going to elude in any way or say that I did.  I did not need help.  I didn’t burn my shed down.  I didn’t start the fire, and I didn’t seek advice on how to take the test. WHY would I do this to my self? I have a lot to lose.

I love the fire Dept. and I do not want to get kicked out.

The officer then proceeded to talk about how bipolar people sometimes just do things for attention.  He accused me of lighting the fire to get the attention of the police. Then he told me a story about a bipolar women, who started her house on fire to get her husband to come back to her.

I felt pretty stigmatized by that point.  My illness should not play any part in this.  I could see the words discrimination flashing in my head.  I should not be accused of things because of traits that other people have.  I am an individual and should not be categorized by my illness.  My illness does not define me, nor should I be judged by how a text book defines what manner SOME  Bipolar people behave in. He spoke at length about what his perception of Bipolar was, and because of those perception, I must have done it.

I got up to leave and he stood at the door with his hand on the doorknob.

I continued to insist that I did not do it.  He continued to insist that I did do it, even as we stood at the door. I asked him what he wanted from me,  to say I burned my own shed!!

Before I could finish, he saidNow doesn’t that feel good to get that out ?” 

I was thinking this guy is crazy

I said “no, because I did not burn my shed down!!!!  I have nothing to gain from it.

He again said I was coaxed on to how to do the test. I said I was not!!

He said the test showed I was not there when the shed was set on fire, but by the question (were you there when the shed  was lit on fire) something looked funny but he was not sure what was wrong.  He said the movement I unknowingly made looked to be convenient timing.

Then, still standing at the door trying to leave, as he held the door with his hand, he began suggesting scenerios.  “maybe it was an accident, suggesting that maybe I went to cut the grass, and perhaps the lawn mower back fired or put a spark out and caught the shed on fire.”

Or, “perhaps you are afraid to tell the truth.”

“Maybe you had a cigarette and dropped it in the shed when you went to mow the grass or a spark caught a rag on fire.”  Although, I proceeded to explain that  the fire started out side of the shed, as per the verbal discussion I had with the PSP. Sarcastically, I responded,  “yeah right!! ! I always light a cigarette at 11pm or 12am at night and go out to my shed to get my mower to CUT MY GRASS!!! At 11 or 12 at night!!! “

I repeated “I said I did not do it!!!!”

He told me he would talk to Trooper Agusty and then the trooper would get back to me.

He asked me to do a test later I said I would, and I left.

I spoke with trooper Agusty on 8/3/2007 at 9:30am

He apologized for not getting back to me.

And said he was still looking into the case and now looking into other suspects. I was pleased with are talk.

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